How to reopen a activity in CRM

I remember a while back,  i was working on site with another consultant that had created a simple way to reopen a activity. I forgot about it until last week when a client asked if it was possible, obviously it is. I tinkered around with it for a few hours and came up with the solution. However there is […]

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Changing the label on a CRM form when highlighted by the cursor

I use this method if the previous post’s tool tip is not suitable. It makes use of the “attachEvent” function that adds listeners for when certain events happens to the field/form and runs methods if the event takes place. In the following examples we attach mouse over, on and off the email field. The methods are to […]

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Sharepoint on Vista, who needs Windows Server 2003!!

Even though every crm consultant  has a vpc, it still isnt the greatest way to work for a development environment. However that isn’t the case if you want to install SharePoint on a vista box. The guys over at Bamboo Nation have produced a “SharePoint Setup Helper“. Just install the setup file, run the program and […]

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