CRM365: Developer Toolkit Error “Set connectionId threw an exception” since Update

Noticed today that when i attempt to access the CRM Explorer i get the following error

“Set connectionId threw an exception”

It seems that the latest version of the developer toolkit does not play nicely if you have reporting extensions adding on the machine. Unfortunately i had to uninstall reporting extensions to get the toolkit back up and running.

Hopefully MS resolve this issue before i need to write another SSRS report with CRM 365!



  • I found that uninstalling the Extension and then Re-installing the Extension fixed my system.

  • I tried uninstalling and installing the extension. When I did that it worked first time but then stopped working and displayed the same error message we before. Tried disabling and enabling didnt fixe the issue and tried couple of restarts did not fix the issue but Uninstalling Dynamics 365 Report Authering Extension definitely fixed the issue.

  • Nazmul Hassan /

    You are right. After uninstalling “Dynamics 365 Report Authoring Extension” Developer toolkit start working as is.

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