CRM2015: Where are the users personal dashboards, charts and views stored in the DB?

Currently working with a customer that has a shared user dashboard that we are unable to see who it is owned by. What makes matters worse is that the users its likely to have been owned by have been removed previously!

Below outlines the locations of the personal views, charts and dashboards

--User Owned Dashboards
SELECT * FROM [MSGCRM_MSCRM].[dbo].[UserFormBase] 
--User Owned Views
SELECT * FROM [MSGCRM_MSCRM].[dbo].[UserQueryBase]
--User Owned Charts
SELECT * FROM [MSGCRM_MSCRM].[dbo].[UserQueryVisualizationBase]
-- System Charts 
SELECT * FROM [MSGCRM_MSCRM].[dbo].[SavedQueryVisualizationBase]



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  • User Dashboard – example data pasted below… You will need to check the related user tables to work out the GUID translations. Hope this helps..

    Created By Created By (Delegate) Created By (Delegate)2 Created On createdbyname createdbyyominame createdonbehalfbyname Description Form Type Is Tablet Enabled Name owneridname Owning Business Unit Owning Team Owning User User Dashboard formxml
    32aa5bde-5058-e511-8106-c4346bad2618 25-09-15 12:09 Dashboard No Dash#1 ce4cdd13-7963-e311-b2f5-d89d6779d5ec 32aa5bde-5058-e511-8106-c4346bad2618 2d22f127-3b63-e511-8105-c4346bad4118 accountChartfalsefalsefalse10{00000000-0000-0000-00AA-000010001001}falseFixed{74A622C0-5193-DE11-97D4-00155DA3B01E}falsefalseleadChartfalsefalsefalse10{5A926B99-3A5F-DF11-AE90-00155D2E3002}falseFixed{F5976C58-5693-DE11-97D4-00155DA3B01E}falsefalsecampaignactivityGridtruetruetrue8{63089AA8-BAE7-47B2-A04E-828C9682245D}falseFixedfalsefalse
    32aa5bde-5058-e511-8106-c4346bad2618 18-12-15 11:23 Dashboard No Sales Dashboards from Power BI ce4cdd13-7963-e311-b2f5-d89d6779d5ec 32aa5bde-5058-e511-8106-c4346bad2618 86c1f9c5-36a5-e511-810f-c4346bad4118

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