CRM2013: Enabling SSL without HTTPs for Data Encryption

Had an issue with a clients system today in which we had upgraded to CRM 2013 system and now it was requiring data encryption to be enabled to run the workflows.

Being a development system, there was no interest in making the system work over https. However the data Encryption page will not open unless it is being run over https!

There is a simple work around.

Go to the MSCRM_CONFIG database of the server in question and set the BitColumn for “DisableSSLCheckForEncryption” to 1 in the DeploymentProperties table.

UPDATE DeploymentProperties
SET BitColumn = 1
WHERE ColumnName = ‘DisableSSLCheckForEncryption’

This will remove the requirement for the Data Encryption window and it should open and let you access your data encryption.

Something else i noticed was when i tried to activate the encryption key, it would not let me until i added my user to the PrivUserGroup.



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