CRM 2013: Entity campaignresponse : Quick create is not supported for OOB Activity Entity error when importing solution

Came across this error this morning when importing a solution to a clients development system.  Their organisation was brand new.

The error can be resolved by unticking “Allow Quick Create” on the source solution… HOWEVER currently the option is ticked and the field is read only.

After submitting a request to support i was told it is a known bug in 2013 and  rollup 1 will resolve this error.

In the mean time the service engineer used a workaround …

Using Internet Export Developer Toolbar he was able to remove the “isDisabled” attribute from the offending field and allowed him to un tick the field and then save the solution.

The solution imported successfully.

The rollup fix will do exactly this allowing the users to change this field.

Please be aware that this fix was done by a MS service engineer, this is otherwise an NON SUPPORTED customisation and i would advise not doing this on a production environment unless fully tested.

However if you can wait then installing Rollup 1 will sort out the issue.




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  • I’m running into the same issue. Came across this and so tried to install UR1, and wasn’t able to do that either without a call to MS. However now I’ve got UR1 installed and it still wont import the solution, and the MS tech is having the same problem in his lab so he said it doesn’t look like its been fixed in UR1. Still waiting on a call back for a resolution…

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