Access 2002 export XML with XSLT without transformXML

Not a crm post, however I feel quite useful!Access 2002 VBA doesn’t have the transformXML function, this came in the 2003 version. This posed a problem for me when I needed a client’s access 2002 to output transformed XML. What I did was created a macro that runs a module I wrote that uses the ExportXML function. This outputted all […]


Ebax: Addon for Microsoft CRM

Taken from the EBAX site .EBAX® users simply click a menu item to import CRM data directly to an Excel workbook. When ready, users simply click the “Update Data” menu item and the changes are updated to the CRM database server.I originally came from a accounting background, I mostly went around advising on Access Dimensions. One […]


How to reopen a activity in CRM

I remember a while back,  i was working on site with another consultant that had created a simple way to reopen a activity. I forgot about it until last week when a client asked if it was possible, obviously it is. I tinkered around with it for a few hours and came up with the solution. However there is […]

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