Power BI Error: Details: “OData: The feed’s metadata document appears to be invalid.” when trying to connect PowerBI to Dynamics 365 Instance

Had the above error message today when connecting a client up to PowerBI Desktop. The Dynamics URL Web API was corerctly taken from the customisation area of Dynamics 365 however after a quick call with MS Support i had found out that 9.0 is not yet supported. https://myclientsorganisation.crm11.dynamics.com/api/data/v9.0/ Changing the Web API to 8.1 solved […]


Resco Crm Mobile Error: The entity relationship role of the referencing entity is required when creating a new one-to-many entity relationship resco_questionnaire_Annotations

Whilst attempting to import the to the latest Resco Mobile solution for Dynamics 365 Field Service i can across the following error: The entity relationship role of the referencing entity is required when creating a new one-to-many entity relationship resco_questionnaire_Annotations After a few messages to Resco, they responded with the following fix. Woodford update to version […]


Field Service Error: There are resource requirements related to this record. Please remove resource requirements before deleting this record.

This week i had came across the above error when i was deleting a set of work order records in a clients test system. Even though the work orders had not been scheduled, it seems that the associated records created for the work orders have been set using the restrict delete behaviour. Annoying but fair enough. […]


ClickDimensions: Embedding Subscription Preference Page in existing website / portal – in time for GDPR!

The Click Dimensions subscription preferences page is very good if you use it as a standalone page where the contact would have to type in their email address and set their preferences. However I have had a recent requirement to embed this page into my clients existing portal/website in which the user would of already authenticated […]


CRM365: Developer Toolkit Error “Set connectionId threw an exception” since Update

Noticed today that when i attempt to access the CRM Explorer i get the following error “Set connectionId threw an exception” It seems that the latest version of the developer toolkit does not play nicely if you have reporting extensions adding on the machine. Unfortunately i had to uninstall reporting extensions to get the toolkit […]


Field Service Error: ‘msdyn_agreement’ entity doesn’t contain attribute with Name = ‘transactioncurrencyid’

When synchronising a Field One instance today, the following error was found. RescoSoapException: Server Error: Code.Value=s:Sender| Reason.Text='msdyn_agreement' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'transactioncurrencyid'.| Detail.OrganizationServiceFault.ErrorCode=-2147217149 It looks like the application was expecting a currency field on “Agreements” Entity. This error was resolved by temporarily adding a dummy currency field to the Agreements entity and […]

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