CRM2011: Renaming sections in SiteMap

Create a new solution adding the existing sitemap. Export the solution as Unmanged. Extract the solution zip file and open up customizations.xml in Visual Studio and add the schema customizationsolution.xsd (from the SDK schemas folder) if you need to. Make the changes below Original: <Area Id=”SFA” ResourceId=”Area_Sales” Icon=”/_imgs/sales_24x24.gif” DescriptionResourceId=”Sales_Description” >         <Group Id=”SFA”>           <SubArea […]


SSRS: Error Message: The report parameter ‘P1? is read-only and cannot be modified. (rsReadOnlyReportParameter)

Error Message: The report parameter ‘P1? is read-only and cannot be modified. (rsReadOnlyReportParameter) Came across this error last week with any custom report that was uploaded into MSCRM. The error seems to be a known issue with MSCRM 4 & SSRS 2008 R2 The following workaround should solve this error To resolve the error message, […]


CRM 4: Import Organization Failed Error – ExecuteNonQuery requires an open and available Connection. The connection’s current state is closed.

A colleague bought this error to my attention today. Luckily i have encountered this problem before and pointed him directly to the reports. The secret is to look at the trace log ASWELL as the error log produced by the CRM importer. This gives you the error in full glory… CRM Import Log: 13:03:28|   Info| […]


CRM4: SOP Integration Mode for Dynamics CRM

Whilst working on an Integration project this week, one of my colleagues made me aware of a vaguely documented “mode” that makes MSCRM Sales Order Processing integration easier to work with other third party applications.Take the following scenario.. SuperCorp have decided that they would like to start using their MSCRM system for creating orders. They […]