CRM2011: PHP CMS Website Integration

There is a distinct need to have website interaction in regards to Dynamics CRM 2011, ive added a solution to my projects area that deals with authentication of a open source CMS agaisnt a contact record in dynamics CRM. I have also attached the solution as a download for you to get a idea on […]


CRM2011: How clean are you records? – Free CTPS add-on for Dynamics CRM 2011

{jcomments off} Whilst visiting a client last week, I was introduced to the CTPS (Commercial Telephone Preference Service) it occurred to me that this would be great to integrate into MSCRM as part as a qualification/data cleansing routine. The data is available to download for a small fee, your data should really be updated every […]


CRM4: Useful snippet to get user or contact by email address

Useful snippet of code that i use all the time, may be helpful to others… public Guid getUserByEmailAddress(String email, CrmService service) {QueryExpression query = new QueryExpression(); query.EntityName = “systemuser”; ColumnSet columns = new ColumnSet(); columns.Attributes.Add(“systemuserid”); query.ColumnSet = columns; query.Criteria = new FilterExpression(); query.Criteria.FilterOperator = LogicalOperator.And; ConditionExpression condition1 = new ConditionExpression(); condition1.AttributeName = “internalemailaddress”; condition1.Operator = […]

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