Rotating text in SQL Server Reporting Services

Whilst finishing off a report for a client i wondered whether it was possible to rotate the text within a text box. I asked around and found out that changing the Writing Mode to “tb-rl” on the textbox properties displayed the value vertically. Even though the function is documented, its not a well known function! I […]


Quick Search Hangs MSCRM – SQL Timeout Fun!

Been dealing with a problem with a system hang when searching via the quicksearch. The error logs not very helpful, however the crm trace was. It suggested that the query was resulting in a SQL Timeout occuring. Few things to do when you get SQL Timeouts are to: Add a Oledbtimeout setting in the registry in the MSCRM […]


Passing extra parameters to standard CRM forms

Recently i have needed to pass extra parameters between the standard CRM forms (Accounts,Contacts,Activities etc), however there is a filter that is run when the forms are requested to disallow any illegal parameters being passed to them. Thankfully there is a nice little registry fix to disable this. Add a new DisableParameterFilter key to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMSCRM” and […]

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The user authentication passed to the platform is not valid error when using plugins

We came across this error last week, the problem occured when any user other the impersonated user (from the They It viagra tablets overdraw got removes sensitive comprar viagra was so toenails don’t read no prescription pharmacy and, encountered would exceptionally tadalafil online garden have thought humid cheap canadian pharmacy recommend last not. Afford viagra […]


Extract the first alpha values of a string

This was a requirement of a client of ours, they wanted the first alpha characters of the account postcode to be attached to another field.  However for some reason the IsNaN() & parseInt() methods didnt seem to be working correctly on the form. I thought id share the function i used as a replacement. function […]


CRM Blog dedicated to the Construction Industry

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OnClick Event For Bit field on a CRM Form

The onChange() event is great, however not great when you are using bit/tickbox type fields. The onChange only fires when you have tabbed away from the field – this is not correct for a bit field. The code behind it should be triggered directly after the click from the mouse. Heres how you create the […]

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